About Us

We are Darwin’s rural, private, accredited mobile in- home support service.

Our qualified, caring staff provide tailored home care services, allowing our clients to remain at home, while receiving high quality care and home support specific to their personal needs and choices for care. We strive to provide a comprehensive client focused service built on quality solely focused on our client’s needs while respecting the rights and dignity of the individual, their careers and their families.

Rural Remote Home Care Services was established in 2009 by Rozalia Johnson who saw a need to provide quality care and support while allowing people to maintain a safe, healthy lifestyle in their own homes.

Our Mission

Mission is to GO THE EXTRA MILE’ to make that extra special effort in order to achieve something for others; to go beyond what is expected of us in helping those in the rural and remote areas.

It is our mission to:

  • to try harder to please our clients, to get the task done correctly the first time and to do more than one is required to do to reach the goal
  • to make more effort than is expected of us
  • to do more and make a greater effort

Our Mission finds its expression in our everyday behaviours, for example, in the extra special effort we deliver to our clients in order to achieve something for others and to go beyond what is expected. In the friendship, care and the way we respond to and treat our clients and colleagues.

Our Objectives

  • To assist our clients in maintaining independence and a sense of dignity and respect.
  • To enable clients to live independently in their own homes, avoiding premature or inappropriate admission to residential or hospital care.
  • To provide care that will enhance and improve quality of life for the recipient and those who provide informal care.
  • To provide tailored, safe, efficient, effective and affordable care by trained staff, that meets the recipient’s individual needs and the needs of the family.
  • To provide accurate and timely information in a format that is easily understood.
  • To support and facilitate clients’ right to advocacy.

New Patient

We provide tailored services to your needs and will make an extra effort in order to provide the right services.

(08) 8988 6889

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